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Birth injuries can cost parents for the rest of their lives

When people think of pregnancy, labor and birth, the images are often ones of familial joy and the triumph of modern medicine. Healthy mothers cradle newborns - exhausted but full of love. Many times, that is the outcome of the labor and delivery process. However, not every expectant mother is that lucky. Not all babies end up being perfectly healthy after birth.

Sometimes, things go wrong during labor and delivery. It could be unpredictable, like the umbilical cord getting wrapped around the unborn baby's neck or pinched as the child enters the birth canal. The mother or the baby could have a negative reaction to a medicine administered as part of labor. Something could cause the infant to go into distress, and monitors could fail to notify medical professionals in time. When these things happen, the new baby may end up with serious birth injuries, some of which can persist for life.

Brain injuries are some of the most serious birth injuries

Cerebral palsy, Erb's Palsy and similar conditions are associated with brain damage during birth. For infants who experience blunt trauma in utero or end up deprived of oxygen due to labor and delivery issues, the potential exists for lifelong disability. Sometimes, the symptoms appear right away, making it clear the child sustained birth injuries. Other times, it could take weeks or months for parents to realize the child is having developmental issues.

These conditions affect the brain and, therefore, the whole body. Infants who develop brain injuries at birth may have issues with gross and fine motor function, speech, and developing independence as they grow. The families who care for and love these babies may end up facing medical expenses related to a birth injury for the child’s entire life.

Medical malpractice claims can offset financial issues from birth injuries

Most people recognize that doctors are human, and mistakes sometimes happen. However, that doesn't mean that your family should have to accept the ongoing expenses related to caring for a child with a birth injury. If a medical mistake resulted in a serious birth injury, the family involved can and should seek compensation for the resulting injuries.

Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech intervention, mobility aids and nursing care are all quite expensive. For children with brain injuries from birth, the potential is there to manage symptoms and live a happy life. However, extensive social and medical support and interventions are probably necessary for a child with a birth injury to live the best life possible. Medical malpractice claims can help a family connect with resources and compensation that can protect them financially and ensure the injured child receives optimal care for life.

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