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Medical Malpractice
Attorneys And Trained Medical

Trust our firm to deliver exceptional client service no matter how complex your medical malpractice case is.

Medical Malpractice
Attorneys And Trained

Trust our firm to deliver exceptional client service no matter how complex your medical malpractice case is.

Cerebral Palsy And Other Brain Damage From Childbirth Errors

Having a child with cerebral palsy is tragic and a serious concern for most parents. In addition to the profound and lifelong personal challenges the child will face, there are serious financial considerations. If the cerebral palsy was caused by medical negligence rather than a random occurrence, you deserve to be compensated for the damages caused by these errors.

At Goldsmith & Goldsmith, LLP, we can help. With decades of legal experience and in-house medical knowledge on our legal team, our attorneys have handled a range of birth injury claims for clients in Bergen County, Hudson County, Essex County and throughout New Jersey and New York.

Did Medical Malpractice Cause Your Child’s Disabilities?

The most common cause of cerebral palsy is lack of oxygen during birth and the days following. While in some cases this is not the fault of the medical professionals, often the oxygen loss is preventable, as in cases involving:

  • Failure to monitor: There are procedures doctors can perform when a child is not getting sufficient oxygen during birth.
    • Nurses are assigned to monitor oxygen, heart rate and other vital signs of the child during labor and delivery; monitoring strips can alert the medical staff to fetal distress, but only if the monitors are properly positioned and if someone with sufficient knowledge is monitoring the strips during labor.
  • Cesarean (C-section) problems: In many cases involving a child deprived of oxygen, an emergency C-section is the best approach to get the child out of the uterus as soon as possible.
    • It is not uncommon for doctors to delay this procedure in favor of a “natural” birth. However, when the indications are present or if a child is too big to pass through the birth canal, loss of oxygen from a delayed C-section can be catastrophic.
  • Umbilical cord prolapse and compression: When the umbilical cord becomes compressed or stretched around the fetus’s neck, sufficient nutrients and oxygen cannot flow to the child during delivery.
    • Failure to recognize changes on the fetal monitor strips can lead to a delay in the delivery and injury to the infant.

It takes a keen eye with legal experience and medical training to find the exact cause of cerebral palsy in birth injury claims. There are times when it appears the delivering doctors and nurses have done excellent work, but upon careful examination of the medical evidence, it is often possible to uncover the truth in birth injury cerebral palsy claims.

Lee S. Goldsmith is a doctor and attorney. He has the knowledge, training and experience to find the evidence and explain it to the defense counsel or a jury. This will help build a winning claim for your family, so you can receive the best compensation award available.

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