Protecting Your Career

A lawsuit for malpractice puts your medical license and your career in jeopardy. While the insurance company is obligated to defend you, its goals may not necessarily align with yours. The insurer could be inclined to settle when your instinct is to fight the accusation, or vice versa.

If you are being sued for medical malpractice or investigated for malfeasance, you can turn to Goldsmith & Goldsmith, LLP, for astute and unbiased legal advice. Our health law attorney provides independent legal counsel to physicians, surgeons, pharmacists, nurses and other medical practitioners in New Jersey and New York.

What Are Your Rights And Where Do You Stand?

We provide a sounding board, legal opinions and representation to health care professionals in many scenarios:

  • If you have been sued or anticipate a lawsuit
  • If you harmed a patient and are torn about “doing the right thing”
  • If your malpractice insurer is urging you to settle out of court
  • If you face licensing board disciplinary action
  • If you are the subject of an investigation for criminal negligence
  • If you are in a dispute with a medical partner or professional association

While we certainly have the credentials, medical malpractice defense is typically handled by specialized firms hired by the insurance carrier. Our role as independent counsel is to help our medical clients understand their rights, the legal process and career ramifications, and to see that the insurer honors its duty to vigorously defend you and consider your interests in litigation strategies and decisions.

In addition to malpractice litigation, our lawyers are familiar with proceedings before the Office of Professional Medical Conduct and the Office of Medical Examiners.

Impeccable Legal And Medical Credentials

Lee S. Goldsmith (M.D., J.D.) has practiced law in New Jersey and New York for more than 40 years and has been a licensed physician for even longer. Few attorneys anywhere are better equipped to gauge the merits of a malpractice claim or medical board inquiry.

You can count on us to guide you through this stressful and frightening time and do everything we can to protect your reputation, your livelihood, your freedom and your future. To arrange a consultation, call our Bergen County law office at 201-429-7892 or contact us online.