Failure To Diagnose Cancer: A Delay In Diagnosis Means A Delay In Treatment

A delayed diagnosis of cancer results in a lost opportunity for treatment. A false positive frequently leads to unnecessary treatment. All too often, these unfortunate scenarios trace to the specific mistakes of medical professionals.

Goldsmith & Goldsmith, LLP, has a proven record of holding physicians, labs and hospitals responsible for medical malpractice in cancer misdiagnosis. We take cases in Bergen County and North Jersey, statewide New Jersey and neighboring counties of New York.

Your Attorney Is Also A Doctor

Lee S. Goldsmith (M.D.) is a licensed physician as well as a certified trial lawyer. He brings more than 40 years of unique medical and legal experience, including insights into the diagnosis process and how such a catastrophic mistake could happen.

Our legal team has handled countless cases of undiagnosed or misdiagnosed cancer, including melanoma (skin cancer), leukemia, lymphoma, and breast, lung, colon, pancreatic, ovarian, brain and other types of cancer. Cancer malpractice usually falls into one of two categories:

  • Delayed diagnosis, resulting in loss of a chance to cure early-stage tumors, invasive surgery or harsh courses of radiation/chemotherapy to treat advanced or metastasized tumors, or hastened death from late-stage cancer
  • Misdiagnosis, resulting in unnecessary surgery, harmful chemo or radiation treatments, and emotional trauma from being wrongly diagnosed with a serious or terminal disease

We have successfully sued family/general practitioners for failing to order tests or refer patients to specialists. We have sued oncologists for failing to diagnose cancers that their medical peers would have discovered, such as misreading X-rays or CT scans. We have sued hospitals and diagnostic labs for errors such as misplacing or mixing up biopsy results.

The right diagnosis is not always apparent — the symptoms and progression are different for each patient. However, there is a scientific process of elimination, and physicians have a duty to rule out the most serious conditions and follow through with patients.

Experienced Representation For Cancer Misdiagnosis

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