Did Something Go Wrong During Post-Operative Care?

The risks of surgery do not end when the surgeon sutures the incision. “Post-op” recovery is a critical period for patients, and complications of surgery errors may not manifest until hours, days or weeks later.

The legal team at Goldsmith & Goldsmith, LLP, holds surgeons, nurses and hospitals accountable for medical malpractice in post-surgical care and complications. We have the experience to demonstrate a causal relationship between the operation and the adverse outcome.

We serve Bergen County and surrounding North Jersey and regularly represent malpractice clients throughout New Jersey and neighboring New York.

Substandard Care And Failure To Identify Surgery Complications

The surgical procedure itself may go well, but the medical team must not let its guard down or abdicate its duty. We have handled a range of cases, from delayed response to cardiac arrest or stroke to patients injured in falls.

Attorney Lee S. Goldsmith (M.D.) is skilled at identifying post-operative negligence that caused or contributed to adverse patient outcomes, such as:

  • Parking the patient in recovery without observation
  • Sending the patient from the operating room to the hospital room without being checked or hooked up to monitors
  • Prematurely discharging the patient from the hospital
  • Failure to diagnose life-threatening complications such as infection, bowel obstruction or internal bleeding
  • Failure to restrain or protect patients on gurneys
  • Failure to monitor patients groggy from anesthesia
  • Failure to hold for observation or transfer to a hospital or intensive care

We pore over pages and pages of medical records to identify missteps or lax care that led to the tragic outcome.

Do You Have A Case For Malpractice?

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