Protecting New Jersey Clients Against Physician Errors 

Although most physicians do not perform surgery, they still have a strong impact on their patients. When they misdiagnose a condition, prescribe inappropriate medications or make other errors, the results can be catastrophic. If you have suffered serious injuries or illness as a result of a physician error, make sure you work with an experienced lawyer who can help you determine whether you have a case and obtain the compensation you deserve.

At Goldsmith & Goldsmith, LLP, our attorneys bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to medical malpractice claims in Bergen County and throughout New Jersey and New York. Attorney Lee S. Goldsmith has more than 40 years of legal experience and he holds an M.D. from New York University School of Medicine. This legal and medical knowledge helps us provide accurate assessments of our clients’ cases, and we know how to attack the opposition in court to help our clients receive maximum compensation for physician errors and other medical malpractice claims.

Common Physicians’ Errors

There is significant potential for serious physician errors, including:

  • Diagnosis errors
  • Ignoring patient complaints
  • Failure to refer to a specialist
  • Prescription errors, including under-prescribing and overprescribing
  • Authorizing discharge of a patient who should be admitted
  • Misreading and misinterpreting lab results

This is just a small sampling of the errors physicians can commit in the course of practice. Since physicians are generally involved with internal medicine, they may tend to overdiagnose and overprescribe to cover the bases. This can include prescribing medications that react negatively with other medicines a patient is already taking.

Physicians may also order tests at times and then fail to even look at them. This failure can lead to a failure to diagnose.

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