Did Something Go Wrong During Or After Surgery?

The most routine surgery is still a complex undertaking involving many people and certain risks. Even when the surgical team does everything right, there is no guarantee that an operation will be successful. However, when those medical professionals make mistakes or poor decisions, they should be held responsible for fatal or irreversible harm.

If you believe your injuries or the injuries or death of a loved one stemmed from surgical errors, the experienced medical malpractice lawyers of Goldsmith & Goldsmith, LLP, can provide sophisticated investigation to reveal the truth. We have held surgeons, anesthesiologists and hospitals accountable for surgical errors in notable cases across New Jersey and New York.

Medical Malpractice In Surgical Procedures

The surgery team must be diligent all the time, every time. There is simply little margin for error. Our legal team includes a licensed physician and a registered nurse who can analyze the medical records to identify where the doctors and nurses went wrong. We have obtained recoveries in diverse and complex surgery malpractice cases, including:

  • Complications of spine surgery
  • Bowel perforation, severed arteries or nerves
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Mismanagement of tracheal stenosis
  • Retained foreign objects (sponges and clamps)
  • Misplacement of abdominal mesh
  • Disfigurement from plastic surgery
  • Negligence in knee and hip implants
  • Post-operative negligence (failure to monitor)

Attorney Lee S. Goldsmith (M.D., J.D.) has practiced law for more than 40 years. He has pioneered litigation in many areas of medical malpractice, such as the use of intraoperative monitoring and other electronic medical data that can pinpoint when surgeon malpractice occurred. He is also a certified trial lawyer who is fully prepared to take physicians, hospitals and their insurers to trial to obtain justice for our clients.

We Know What To Look For In The Medical Records

A successful surgical malpractice lawsuit is one that meets the high standard of proof and breaks it down in understandable terms for the defense counsel or members of a jury. To discuss your possible surgery error case, call our Bergen County law office at 201-429-7892 or contact us online and we will follow up soon.