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Medical Malpractice
Attorneys And Trained Medical

Trust our firm to deliver exceptional client service no matter how complex your medical malpractice case is.

Medical Malpractice
Attorneys And Trained

Trust our firm to deliver exceptional client service no matter how complex your medical malpractice case is.

Protecting You And The Ones You Love

Our legal team is here to protect the rights of you and your loved ones. If you or a parent or another relative has to be in a nursing home, an assisted living home or another elder care facility, you need to be able to trust that the nurses, staff and administrators will provide the care they promise. But far too often, our elderly relatives are neglected or even mistreated and abused by the facilities we trust to take care of them.

Compassionate Care And Aggressive Litigation Of Nursing Home Abuse

At Goldsmith & Goldsmith, LLP, we advocate for our elderly citizens who have been hurt by nursing home negligence and abuse. Our lawyers serve clients in Bergen County, Hudson County and Essex County and throughout New Jersey.

With more than 40 years of experience, medical training and legal training, we have the resources to fight for you in a nursing home negligence claim. Our attorneys focus on compassionate service and aggressive litigation.

We represent clients and their families in nursing home negligence and abuse cases involving:

  • Bedsores: Bedsores (decubitus ulcers) are one of the clearest signs of neglect. When a patient is immobile, it is necessary for nursing staff to reposition the patient at regular intervals. When this doesn’t happen, too much extended pressure causes painful, progressive and ultimately life-threatening sores in key pressure points.
  • Malnutrition: When a nursing home resident is dehydrated or undernourished from lack of attention and assistance with eating and drinking, the facility is responsible for the resulting health problems or death.
  • Medication errors: Doctors can misdiagnose patients and make dangerous medication errors in nursing homes just like they do in hospitals and clinics. Further, it is often the nurses and other staff who give medications to residents, increasing the chances of overmedication, undermedication or administering the wrong drug.
  • Misdiagnoses: In addition to visiting doctors making diagnostic errors, there are many cases where residents show obvious signs of serious health problems, but the nurses and staff fail to report these problems to attending physicians in a timely manner, resulting in increased complications.
  • General negligence: Unsanitary living areas, lack of hygiene and regular washing of residents, slip-and-fall accidents resulting from dangerous walkways, and a range of other problems arise due to negligence in understaffed and underfunded elder care facilities.

Get Legal Help

If your loved one has been victimized by nursing home abuse or nursing home negligence, attorneys from our firm can help. Call us right away at 201-429-7892 or 212-421-5500, or email us to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer from Goldsmith & Goldsmith, LLP.