Although hospital dramas on television often overdramatize surgery and other medical treatments, the truth is that even the most routine surgery is complex and not without risk. As the patient, your body and your health are on the line, and you’ve placed your trust in your health care provider to do what’s best.

But when health care providers fail to provide appropriate care, it’s important to take action and hold them accountable with help from a medical malpractice lawyer.

What happens when the surgeon commits an avoidable mistake?

When it comes to surgical procedures, there is little margin for error. Even a seemingly simple mistake can have serious consequences for the patient. That is why surgeons and other health care providers are held to a very high standard of care.

If you went under the knife and suffered injuries because of surgical errors, an experienced medical malpractice attorney can help hold your medical providers accountable and pursue just compensation.

Some common types of complications and injuries stemming from surgical procedures include:

  • Paralysis resulting from spine surgery
  • Disfigurement from mistakes made during plastic surgery
  • Complications arising from post-operative negligence
  • Faulty knee replacements or other joint replacement surgeries
  • Severed arteries or nerves
  • Foreign objects left in the body (clamps and other surgical tools)

Nearly every aspect of your treatment is recorded. Physicians and health care providers keep diligent records which make it much easier to determine whether a careless or negligent act resulted in your injuries.

With help from an attorney experienced in handling medical malpractice claims, you can hold health care providers responsible and potentially protect future patients from suffering similar injuries.