In the 1990’s two Mt. Sinai physicians started a program for CT screening of long term smokers and discovered that early diagnosis of a malignant lung lesion could lead to definitive treatment and a cure for the patient.

In 2013 the United States Preventive Services Task Ford (“USPSTF”) provided recommendations for screening for lung cancer as they had for colon and breast cancers as well as others. In 2015 Medicare indicated that payments would be made for screening for lung cancer and the insurance companies followed suit.

Now we are in 2018 and every patient who fits the criteria for screening should be screened. Every patient who fits the criteria for screening should be advised by their physician that screening is recommended by the USPSTF and screening will be paid for by their insurance carrier or Medicare.

The evidence is clear, that if a malignant lesion in the lung is discovered early enough it is removable and the patient can be cured. Discover the lesion late and the patient will die. There is no middle ground.

If you, a your friend or relative is a long time smoker and fits the criteria for screening but were not offered that option and then became sick, you may well have a legitimate law suit for being deprived of the information that could have saved a life.

The firm of Goldsmith & Goldsmith is telling you that if you are a smoker, to check the criteria and if you do fit the criteria to get screened. If it is too late and your practitioner never told you about screening to call us. We will review your case and represent you if appropriate.