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Lung Cancer Diagnosed or Else

Today, this year, there is little excuse for an individual to die as a result of a lung cancer not being diagnosed when proper diagnostic procedures are in place.

Physicians' know that a patient who develops lung cancer and has it diagnosed at an early stage can be cured. New treatments may well allow for cures for lung cancer that is diagnosed at even later stages. Indeed, immunotherapy may be the answer for some. 

However, for the cancer to be cured it must be diagnosed.

Long term smokers can get screening that is paid for by their insurance companies. Long term smokers can get screening paid for by Medicare. However, in order to get screening, a patient must be referred by their physician to a radiologist. Failure to refer a patient who should be screened for screening can create liability for the physician. Failure to refer a patient who should be screened can result in death of the patient.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with lung cancer then give us a call. 

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