Spinal fusion surgery is fast becoming the most common unnecessary surgery pushed on patients.  It is a big money maker for the surgeon.

The surgeon gets paid more from insurance companies when rods and screws are placed in your back. Not all physicians are ethical.  We reviewed records from one surgeon who in one year did 105 spine procedures and put in hardware in 103.  We found out that he was getting stock from the manufacturer for each and every case when he used their hardware beside extra fees from the insurance companies.

The scam often starts with a minor automobile accident.  The victim sees an attorney who refers the patient to his friendly chiropractor or pain management facility to “treat” the patient and “manage” the pain.  The attorney says it will build up the damages and get you a larger recovery.  The chiropractor or pain management doctor refers the patient to the surgeon who suggests surgery and the need for hardware to be placed in the back.

As added twist to this practice is that the doctors, knowing how high the bills are going to be, ask for a lien on the client’s auto accident case so that they can be paid from the proceeds.   The lawyers receives his fee, the doctors get exorbitant fees, and the client get less or nothing but pain and rods in their back.

Don’t get back surgery that includes the placement of rods and screws without a second opinion.